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The purpose behind this page is to provide teachers and media specialists information about MeL Teens and the databases found in the Homework Helpers section. You can find items like handouts, slide decks, and videos that can be used in the classroom to help introduce students to the resources, or even supplemental material like graphic organizers or classroom material. If you have any suggestions for content, or would like to share a resource you currently use, please email your ideas to

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Detroit Public TV: Digital Adventure: 360 Interactive Experience - Winged Creatures

Teachers and your students...

DPTV, the Detroit Zoological Society, Leslie Science & Nature Center, and the Organization for Bat Conservation created a Digital Adventure 360* Interactive Experience specifically for teachers, students, and caregivers!  Three videos will take you on a virtual field trip inside these habitats to view first-hand animal behavior - and wait until you see how penguins and bats react to the cameras! Be sure to check out all of the hot spots within the video to read articles, listen to audio, or view a related video.

Each 360* interactive video includes lesson plans that have been designed by teachers for teachers and are aligned to the state standards for Michigan. And the lesson plans incorporate Michigan eLibrary content! These experiences are targeted for 6-12th grade, but are certainly not limited to this age group.

You won't want to miss this experience!

To access the videos and associated lesson plans, click on: Digital Adventure 360* Interactive Experience - Winged Creatures.

Once you have viewed the videos, be sure to come back to to conduct further research!

MeL Teens

MeL Teens

For students in Middle and High School, MeL Teens focuses on resources appropriate for grade 6 through junior college.   In addition to the pre-paid subscription databases found in the Homework Help section, students have access to information for college and even social issues.

There are four centers within MeL Teens:

  • Homework Help

    • Homework Help is the place to go to access all of the MeL pre-paid subscription databases appropriate for this age group. As long on your IP address is located in Michigan, you have free access.  No log-ins are required!

    • Be sure to print off this handy guide to the pre-paid databases found in MeL Teens.

    • If you would like to link directly to a pre-paid database on your website, feel free to copy and paste our logos on your page and be sure to embed the Geo-Authenticated link. Database List with Geo-URL links

  • Life Happens

    • Students can access web links related to Health, Social Issues, and Vocations/Jobs. Be sure to check out the links available!

  • Reading Zone

    • Again, find access to some of MeL’s pre-paid subscription databases, this time with a focus on reading.  External web links include Audio and eBooks, Comics and Anime, and Zines.

  • College Bound

    • Select, prepare and pay for college. Locate the best pre-planning college guides, practice exams, and scholarships here. High School Students, Parents and School Counselor must explore this center. A favorite link is to eCampus Tours, where students can virtually visit college campuses.

Links to help with MeL:

Subscription Databases

Just what is a “subscription database”? Well, it is usually a searchable online resource that requires payment for access. The content of these databases are published by many different companies and contain information that usually is not available doing a basic free internet search.  The information contained in these databases is quality, vetted, and reliable. 

Types of content in the databases MeL offers include:

  • Full text articles from e-journals, newspapers, etc.

  • Abstracts

  • Citation information

  • eBooks

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Curriculum materials and lesson plans

Also, some of the databases include interactive activities.

The following is a list of databases provided in MeL Teens, along with a description and links to videos and classroom material that you may find useful.

MeL for Science - Secondary Grades

Which databases contain Science content for grades 6+? Check out the following flyers:

MeL for Science Grades 6-8

MeL for Science Grades 9-12

MeL for Social Studies/History - Secondary Grades

Which databases contain Social Studies/History content for grades 6+? Check out the MeL for Social Studies flyers.

Personal Finance


This is a free online personal finance course that covers income, expenses, saving and investing, credit and insurance.  It is geared toward Middle School, High School, and College.

Britannica School Resources

Britannica School - Middle

Grades 5-Britannnica School Middle7. Homework help and discovery learning. School code is mel5. Explore maps, photos, articles, famous people and places, compare countries, and tour the U.S.A.

Britannica School - High

High SchBritannica School Highool and adult. Primary sources for quick facts and in-depth information on history, geography, people, places, science, and much more. Biographies, world atlas, countries comparison, articles and interactive resources are available.

Be sure to set up an Educator Account using school code is mel5 in order to get access to lesson plans and curriculum alignment!

Here are some helpful links for educators:

  • Britannica School Videos - some great shorter videos including My Britannica for Educators, Curriculum Standards, Britannica School for Students, and Britannica School Overview. Scroll to “Britannica School” which will be located on the right side of your screen toward the bottom of the page.
  • Britannica School Middle-High Video - a 38 minute video to take you on a tour through this great resource.
  • Resources for Educators - be sure to scroll down and look to the right to find Britannica School.  Here you will find items like a parent letter, logos, search boxes that you can add to your web pages, classroom materials including graphic organizers, a Guided Tour handout, and multiple videos.
  • Visual Learning Strategies - a one-hour webinar exploring how to develop students' visual literacy skills through images, maps, timelines, diagrams, and other graphical items.
  • Michigan’s Britannica Resource Page - be sure to click on “Archived Webinars” for access to:
  • Discover STEM Resources with Britannica
  • Britannica School - ELA in Focus
  • Britannica School - Social Studies in Focus
  • Britannica School - High School
  • Britannica School - Middle School
  • Britannica School Classroom Materials - Access some great graphic organizers.  Scroll down to “Britannica School” which will be located on the right side of your screen toward the bottom of the page.

Gale Resources

  • Gale’s Blog: Learn how real-world educators have used Gale’s 21st century resources to lead learners to higher rates of achievement and productivity.

  • Google Drive Integration Tip Sheet

  • Google Classroom Tip Sheet

  • Save it! Gale to Google Integration Webinar (37:00) - Learn how to download and edit documents in Google Drive, how to download and install the Gale product Chrome apps, and post documents to go along with assignments in Google Classroom.

  • Google and Gale Make Research Rewarding Video - video complements of Margaret "Gigi" Lincoln, Lakeview Schools District Librarian. How can we channel students’ natural penchant to choose Google for research rather than use library databases? Thanks to a new exciting partnership between Google for Education and Gale Cengage Learning, students and teachers can download, save, and share authoritative database content through Google Drive and Google Classroom. This presentation also highlights how other Michigan eLibrary resources that can be integrated into meaningful teaching and learning.

  • Google Tools Videos - 2 training videos on how to download to Google Drive and using Google Classroom

  • Gale’s Blog post about the Microsoft Integration

  • Microsoft OneDrive video - about the integration into Gale products

  • Working With Content and Lexile Levels in Gale Resources Fact Sheet

  • Product Training Webinars Schedule

  • Gale Documents & Tools - includes links to Scavenger Hunts, Tip Sheets, Lesson Plans, Help with Research, and On-Demand Video Tutorials

  • Tools for Classrooms (Under Students, click on Resources for Middle and High School Students)

  • Tools for School Libraries (and teachers!) - access resources for both Elementary and Middle School students

  • How to Share Info from Gale Resources with your Classroom Tip Sheet

  • Scavenger Hunts for Gale Products

  • Gale Training Spotlight

  • Videos from Gale

Expanded Academic ASAP       **Google & Microsoft Integrated**

JuExpanded Academic ASAPnior and Community Colleges. Mostly full text. Magazine, newspaper and journal articles appropriate to college and university -level research from 1980 to the present. Updated continuously. All topics.

Gale Virtual Reference Library      **Google & Microsoft Integrated**

General interesGale Virtual Reference Libraryt. Full text. Encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. Because each library creates its own eBook collection, the content you see may vary if you use the database at different libraries (your school, your public library, or your office).

  • GVRL Webinar (54:00)

    • Recognize the general content available in the database

    • Construct and employ efficient search strategies for information retrieval

    • Use results lists to examine different types of documents

    • Examine navigational and search features of the user interface

    • Search for, identify, and manage documents found within the database

    • Differentiate between basic and advanced search modes

    • Recognize how to use bookmarks and marked items as a way to manage and organize information found within the database

    • Understand how to cross-search the eBooks with other databases in the library’s collection.

  • GVRL On Demand Tutorials - 3 videos: Basics, Searching, and eBooks

  • Gale Virtual Reference Library eBook Archive Download Instructions


General Reference Center Gold      **Google & Microsoft Integrated**

General Reference Center GoldGeneral user. Mostly full text. Integrates a variety of sources - newspapers, reference books, magazines, and trade publications. Find articles on current events, popular culture, business and industry trends, the arts and sciences, sports, hobbies, and more. Updated daily. Indexing, abstracts, image, or full text formats available.

Health & Wellness Resource Center 

GeneralHealth & Wellness Resource Center interest. Mostly full text. Intended for informational purposes only. Provides instant access to carefully compiled and trusted medical reference materials. Includes nearly 400 health/medical journals, hundreds of pamphlets, over 700 health-related videos from partner Healthology, Inc., articles from 2,200 general interest publications and links to reputable health websites in addition to a broad collection of Gale reference titles. Includes video.

InfoTrac Student Edition                                  **Google & Microsoft Integrated**

Infotrac Student EditionHigh School. Mostly full text. Updated daily. Over 1,300 titles cross searchable with eBooks. Gives access to a variety of indexed and full-text magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and reference books for information on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports and more.

Michigana: Sources in US History Online

Genealogy/historyMichigana Sources in Us History Online. This digital archive documents state history. Drawn from the Sabin Americana, 1500-1926 collection and other Gale sources, the archive provides access to a wide variety of documents: personal narratives and memoirs, pamphlets and political speeches, sermons and songs, legal treatises and children's books.

  • About Michigana - Click on the Tabs to find out how to use “Searching”, “Navigating”, and “Tools” within Michigana

New York Times                              **Google & Microsoft Integrated**

General interNew York Timesest. Full text: January 1, 1985 - current. Indexing: January 1, 1965 - current. Provides national and international news, opinion and commentary. National edition.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context     **Google & Microsoft Integrated**

Middle schooOpposing Viewpoints in Contextl through college undergraduate and General user.  Full-text.  Features contextual information and opinions on hundreds of today's hottest social issues. Continuously updated pro/con viewpoint essays, topic overviews, primary source documents, biographies, court-case overviews, periodical articles, tables/charts/graphs, and more.  Contains more than 700 Greenhaven Press, Gale, Macmillan Reference USA™, Charles Scribner’s Sons® and U·X·L titles.

  • About OVIC

  • OVIC On-Demand Training Videos

    • Basics

    • Search Results

    • Topic Pages and Documents

    • Where to Start When You Need a Research Topic

    • Narrowing Your Research Topic and Searching for Sources

  • OVIC Webinar (41:00)

    • Locate position papers on a variety of controversial issues, as well as other types of documents including reference and general periodical content

    • Retrieve and save desired content

    • Generate citations

    • Take quizzes for use in the classroom, and more

Research in Context      **Google & Microsoft Integrated**

Includes theResearch in Context most-studied topics for grades 6-8 - literature, science, social studies, and U.S. and world history. Written specifically for middle schoolers (high school students may find it useful too) this information comes from authoritative sources including Gale, National Geographic and Scholastic and is aligned to national and state curriculum standards. Designed to develop learning skills to launch 6-8 graders into high school and beyond.

eBook Resources

eBook Collection


General interest.Full text. Over 20,000 eBooks available on all topics.



NoveList K-8 Plus

Find just theNovelist K-8 Plus right book by subject, age, awards won, Lexile Reading levels, Common Core standards; even books made into movies, and much more.  Read reviews and learn about the author.  Create your own reading wish list.

  • Videos - 2015, eight short videos showing how to find books in these areas: Match a Unit of Study, Historical Events, Picture Book Extenders, Read-alikes, Reading and Writing Concepts, Narrative Nonfiction for Young Readers, Right books using Lexiles, and NoveList for schools.

  • NoveList flyer

  • NoveList promotion kit

Test Prep and Skills Improvement Resources

LearningExpress Library

Test Prep/JoLearning Express Librarybs/Careers. Seven interactive learning centers of academic and licensing/certification practice tests, elementary level testing for math and reading, and skills building tools. Learning centers: High School Equivalency, College Preparation, College, Career, Adult Learning, School, and Recursos para Hispanohablantes.

  • Video tutorial on LearningExpress Library (17:00) includes the following sections:

    • Welcome

    • Home Page

    • Registering as a New User

    • About Centers

    • Searching for Resources

    • How to Take a Tutorial

    • How to Take a Test

    • How to Download and Use and eBook

    • My Center

  • SAT® Product Flyer

  • TIP: Click on “Featured Resources” on main page then click on “Access a List of eBooks” to a list of over 200 eBooks available that are provided by LearningExpress Library.

Michigan Digital History Resources

 MeL Michigana

Enrich Michiganayour family and Michigan history research with the digital and audio materials found in MeL Michigana. Over 50,000 items from a broad spectrum of libraries and historical institutions in Michigan are included in this free online collection.

  • Allows you to explore Michigan's heritage through photographs, diaries, oral histories, local records and historical data.

  • Contains the collections of The Digitization for Preservation and Access grant program - a statewide effort to digitize valuable and significant local and state-related information held in Michigan libraries and make such resources easily available via the Michigan eLibrary (MeL). It was funded by a FY 2005 allocation to the Library of Michigan from the Michigan Legislature. Ten projects were granted funding. In addition, MeL Michigana contains large digital collections such as the Making of Modern Michigan, the Archives of Michigan Image Collection and the Walter Reuther Library Digital Collections.

  • Provides websites of interest to anyone seeking historical data about Michigan on topics such as logging, maritime history, bridges, and archaeology, as well as general facts about the state.

The search box at the top of the MeL Michigana page searches the following collections also available lower on the page:

Currently Searchable

  • Civil War Diaries Collection

  • Early Detroit Images from the Burton Historical Collection

  • Governing Michigan

  • Grand Valley State Digital Collections

  • Great Lakes Maritime Database (Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary Collection)

  • John Todd Photography Collection

  • Kalamazoo College Cache

  • Making of Ann Arbor

  • Michigan County Histories and Atlases

  • Polar Bear Expedition Digital Collections

  • Seeking Michigan

  • Upper Peninsula Regional Digitization Center - this includes Connecting the UP, Mackinac Bridge Authority, Sault Ste. Marie Shipping and Locks Collection

  • Virtual Motor City

  • War of 1812 Digitization Project

  • Ward Morgan Photography Collection