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The purpose behind this page is to highlight MeL resources and tips for using these resources for test prep.  If you have any suggestions for content, or would like to share a resource you currently use, please email your ideas to

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Khan Academy

It is highly recommended to use Khan Academy for helping to prepare students to take standardized tests like the SATⓇ. 

LearningExpress Library

LearningExpress Library is the one database the MeL offers that focuses strictly on skills improvement and test prep. Starting with 4th grade, the School Center offers tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks that focus on skills improvement aligned with curriculum standards.  The College Preparation Center focuses on test prep such as SAT, ACT, and AP exams and includes tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks.

Slide Decks:

Info Sheets:

User Guide:

Training Videos:

  • Video tutorial on LearningExpress Library (17:00) includes the following sections:

    • Welcome

    • Home Page

    • Registering as a New User

    • About Centers

    • Searching for Resources

    • How to Take a Tutorial

    • How to Take a Test

    • How to Download and Use and eBook

    • My Center

Other MeL Resources

  • Britannica School

    • Elementary school tip: use the Listen Feature only without showing the article to the students, then ask follow up questions to practice listening comprehension.

    • Visual Learning Strategies - a one-hour webinar exploring how to develop students' visual literacy skills through images, maps, timelines, diagrams, and other graphical items.

    • Michigan’s Britannica Resource Page - be sure to click on “Archived Webinars” for access to:

      • Discover STEM Resources with Britannica

      • Britannica School - ELA in Focus

      • Britannica School - Social Studies in Focus

      • Britannica School - High School

      • Britannica School - Middle School

  • Gale Resources

    • Elementary school tip: use the Listen Feature only without showing the article to the students, then ask follow up questions to practice listening comprehension.

    • Opposing Viewpoints in Context The SAT focuses the essay on argument.  Opposing Viewpoints can be used as early as middle school to help ELA, Social Studies/History, and Science classes teach students about argument.

    • OVIC On-Demand Training Videos

      • Basics

      • Search Results

      • Topic Pages and Documents

      • Where to Start When You Need a Research Topic

      • Narrowing Your Research Topic and Searching for Sources

  • OVIC Webinar (41:00)

    • Locate position papers on a variety of controversial issues, as well as other types of documents including reference and general periodical content

    • Retrieve and save desired content

    • Generate citations

    • Take quizzes for use in the classroom, and more

eBook Collection

The EBSCO eBook Collection offers many professional development books that focus on testing.  When in either the eBook Collection, or the subset eBook K-8 Collection, try the following searches:

  • Test Prep

  • Test Anxiety

  • Testing

  • Test Scores

  • Test Taking

  • Testing and Assessment

  • Testing in Schools

  • Testing in Education

  • Testing Effect

  • Testing Methods

  • Testing Accommodations

  • Testing Bias

  • Test Scores

  • Test Taking

  • Skills Assessment